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Here you can view all my work within video production. ​


These are mainly corporate videos and other commercial media.

My roles in these productions vary. My main roles are:


Director of Photography
Camera operator

Verborgen schatten: De wijngaarden van Sittard

This documentary, Translated as: "Hidden treasures: The vineyards of Sittard", was made to promote the culture in the local region of

Sittard-Geleen and was created for 'CineSud' as an entry into the 'Mini-Docs' competition.

Producer: LaCrea

Co-Producer: Studio Keylight

Executive Producer: CineSud

Personal role: Director of Photography, Editor, Colorgrader

Workout Geleen

Workout Geleen is a local gym for which I assist in several video projects in cooperation with LaCrea.

Producer: LaCrea

Executive Producer: Workout Geleen

Personal role: Colorgrader, Photographer

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