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Here you can view my work within Photography.


I have covered different branches of photography such as product photography, portraits, food photography and animals.


I look forward to approach more branches of photography in the near future.

LaCrea Filmproductions 2023

After 3 years and a stream of new members, it was time for a new photoshoot for the LaCrea team. ​


Job Type: Portrait Photography / Team Shoot

Foto met attribuut (4 of 30)_edited.jpg

Pura Moia

Pura Moia is an organisation that focuses on inspiring and supporting people in their personal development processes through awareness, insights and healing. All this in a jacket of spirituality, relaxation, humor and decisiveness.


Type of assignment: Product and Lifestyle Photography

Pura Moia

Defourny's Dreams

Defourny's Dreams is a breeding facility for the dog breed 'Schapendoes', or 'Dutch Sheepdog'.

Type of assignment: Animals, Puppyshoot.


TS Drone

TS Drone is a company that focuses on making drone images for commercial purposes, but also assists in SOS searches.


Job Type: Product Photography

TS Drone

Anne's Lekkernijen

Anne's Lekkernijen is a one-(wo)man business that organises High Teas in the comfort of people's homes.

Job Type: Food Photography

Food Photography

W-Series Racing Circuit Zolder 2019

This was not an assignment, but an independent undertaking to take pictures during the W Series Racing at the Zolder Circuit in 2019.


Portrayed: Beitske Visser. Finished 1st Place.

Beitske Visser W series

Jumbo Supermarkten

For the large supermarket chain 'Jumbo', I was asked to take over the monthly promotional photo for a month. It was the month of the croquette for the Geleen location, Vonckenstraat.
Unfortunately due to the last minute request I lacked several attributes for the photo.


Type of assignment: Promotional product photo for social media

Jumbo kroket

LaCrea Filmproductions 2020

A photoshoot for the LaCrea team. ​


Job Type: Portrait Photography / Team Shoot

Zakelijke foto

LaCrea Partners

LaCrea is a company that is split into two parts:

Corporate video production and a film club.


Job Type: Product Photography

Canon camera

Melon Holding B.V.

A company based in Horn which mainly focuses on the sale of products for babies and toddlers. ​


Job Type: Product Photography

Baby product
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